About Us

Who We Are

Fundpire was created for the purpose of democratizing the investment system. Co-founded by Gena Vazquez, one of the first engineers to help entrepreneurs pioneer online search portals to find investors, along with a team of savvy engineers, she has spent the past two decades perfecting algorithms and building out a database to relaunch her idea as "Fundpire."


What We Do

Fundpire’s mission is to help entrepreneurs perfect their pitches and then match them to the correct and appropriate investors. Our system runs on a carefully created algorithm backed by a series of specific questions, which it then analyzes, and dispatches entrepreneurs’ presentations and data to the appropriate sources.

How It Works

We provide entrepreneurs the correct tools to communicate their ideas and strategies for a clear and concise presentation to investors. Fundpire Features Entrepreneurs can use our Fundpire Features tool to grab the attention of investors who are registered on our platform and unregistered guest investors who visit our site. This feature gives ambitious entrepreneurs wide exposure.


Match & Dispatch

Our system takes the entrepreneur through a series of questions that were formulated by active investors. Once the entrepreneur fills out their profile and questionnaire, our system matches them with investors who are highly likely to invest in their venture and then dispatches the entrepreneur’s presentation and profile to investor matches.

Entrepreneur FastTrack

We offer solutions designed to support the needs of entrepreneurs from every industry—whatever they are and no matter the size of the organization. Entrepreneur Fast-Track service is where aspirations of founders meet our world-class expertise by working together to address intricate issues to bring your business to market faster.

We’ve established partnerships with carefully curated companies and consultants to best serve your needs.