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Alan Avidan
Daniel Cristo
Seed, Early Stage
Private Equity
Angel Investor, Investment Group, Venture Capital

Dear Investor:

We are excited to share information with you about Swaayed.

Swaayed is an AI- powered, Influencer marketplace that targets the $10B Influencer Marketing Industry. Our platform offers advertisers and influencers a performance-based campaign experience. It is differentiated from competitors in that it is automated and transparent. Advertisers can track the performance of a campaign to determine an actual ROI.

The Swaayed platform is live and fully tested. Swaayed has a premium wait list of brands wishing to run campaigns on the platform, including a major nationwide campaign for the American Cancer Society Strides against Breast Cancer.

One of the most unique things about Swaayed is its IP portfolio focused on mainstream IM practices. Swaayed's core patent (US-8560385-b2) received the highest possible QScore, as rated by IPwe/ZuseAnalytics.

We are happy to address any questions via a conference call or in-person meeting at your convenience.

All the Best,

-Alan Avidan

Lead the performance influencer marketing (IM) industry to evolve from an activity based approach to a performance based one. No longer will advertisers wonder how much an influencer's mention or post is worth. No longer will fake followers skew audience sizes. We can bring attribution and accountability to the IM space which is good for advertisers and influencers. We will crreate an IM ecosystem of companies seamlessly servicing all needs of advertisers and influencers under a protective IP umbrella.

Swaayed is the ‘AdSense’ of Social - where we run a performance-based, influencer-powered campaign marketplace and collect a portion (10%-20%) of the payout to influencers.

Deep IM knowledge and experience, startup expertise, IP development, geo-targeting and attribution tracking.

IM/peer marketing is now a $10b industry, growing rapidly and starting to overlap e-commerce. Nowhere is this more evident than YouTube and Instagram, where YouTubers are making millions through sponsored videos and content. These opportunities currently only exist for top YouTubers influencers and connecting those influencers with advertisers is still a manual process. We can open the flood gates of opportunity to influencers and advertisers of all sizes across all platforms.

(1) Problem: Bot fraud; hard to determine campaign ROI. / Solution: performance based model.

(2) Problem: Requires heavy in-house support. Difficult to scale./ Solution: automated workflow and AI.

(3) Problem: Unexpected IP exposure for brands./ Solution: IP protection offered by Swaayed.

Advertisers: medium-sized businesses offering B2C products/services, political campaigns, local events
Influencers: mid-tier to upper-tier influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

Heavily fragmented landscape. Talent managers and agents at the top tiers. IM platforms like Izea in the small to mid-tier.
Many IM platforms scrape influencer data. Our influencers are registered members who want to participate in campaigns.
We offer 3 different types of models: Cost-Per-Click, Cost-Per-Conversion or a hybrid Performance + Content Creation where a user is paid a base for creating content plus a bonus for performance milestones.

Alan Avidan
CEO Co-Founder
Founder MadahCom - $50m exit
Board/President OzVision
PhD Engineering (CUNY/Carnegie Mellon), Exec MBA (Stern)
Optimization technology maven, startup leader

Daniel Cristo
CTO/CMO Co-Founder
Founder of Triberr - acquired 2014
17 years Search Marketing experience

JoLynn Blatz
Head Business Development; 12 years’ experience in product & SaaS platform Business Development & Marketing

Parker Hall
Head Influencer Outreach, Social; Masters in social linguistics, blogger and adjunct professor, social media

Dev Team

1) Scaling influencer pool and building out extended data profiles on influencers
2) Machine learning to improving campaign matches to influencers based on past performance
3) Hyper-local campaigns, especially political campaigns for all candidates in any country
4) Potential block-chain integration to reduce payment processing charges
5) Licensing patent to other IM platforms and potentially mainstream social networks who want to play matchmaker (YouTube)
6) Development of a performance-based, "true" influence score API that may be part of licensing deals