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We are CoinGenius.ai, the platform for crypto-currency traders at every level, from retail and day trader to Quant, focused on providing 360º Sentiment Analysis, Deep Fraud Detection, and Real-Time Alerts.

We aim to be the Bloomberg of the Crypto-currency space... But smarter.

Our website aggregating the best crypto data sources for traders at every level, free until June to gain traction, 500+users, paywall in June for subscription users, website full package $99/mnth, API users up to $1M/yr, mobile app users individual services and onetime transactions.

Market Research Tools, Global Sentiment, Wall Street Tactics, KYC /Due Diligence tools, Wallet Investigation, Audit Certification, Scam Callouts, Trading & Mining Regime Identification, Influencer Identification, Collective Intelligence, Wallet Monitoring,

We are only scratching the surface of what we will be providing on the CoinGenius.ai platform. In a market plagued by a lack of reliable data CoinGenius solves many problems with understanding, barriers to entry and mass adoption. Looking forward, the CoinGenius.ai platform is only the first iteration of the Genius XV Intelligence Engine, that is to say the 1st product produced by Genius XV. Our future road map includes taking this same technology and applying it to many other asset classes, including, but not limited to Real Estate, Government and Regulatory, Green Energy, Gas & Electric, Insurance and Gaming just to name a few.

The Problem:

Over 40 million+ crypto wallets holders and crypto traders at every level and the millions of people who are on the sidelines waiting for the right platform. When mass adoption starts CoinGenius will be well positioned to be the go to platform for everyone.

Our competitors are also data experts, enthusiasts and also understand the need for the aggregation and quantification of this data. There are others out there using AI and machine learning, such as Messari, Rootmont Labs and Datalight. They are data providers and they are good at what they do. CoinGenius allows for the customization/curation of vast data points so users can target only the data they are most interested in and eliminate the noise they don't need or want. We also look to surface the best data available in the marketplace including data from competitors through strategic partnerships, truly giving our customers the quality data they need to trade smarter.

Jeremy Born, CEO & Founder

We are starting by re-inventing what it means to trade with confidence in the Crypto-currency space. Over the next 5 years as the industry matures and mass adoption happens CoinGenius.ai will be the respected leader in data for traders at all levels. The Intelligence Engine of Genius XV the power behind CoinGenius.ai will be unleashed into many other asset classes improving and disrupting traditional trading behaviors including traditional equities markets.