Tommy McInnis


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351 W 42nd Street #419, NY NY, 10036

Creating a TV pilot for series. Currently looking for an Angel for shooting a Teaser (video short concept for pilot)

A successful TV drama

Writer/creator of City at Night, an EMS based medical drama in the vain of the Law and Order franchise (EMT/Medic's story followed by continuing with Doctor's and Nurse' on the hospital)

I can write, and I was a medic in NYC for 10 years. I have great stories for television

From pilot to network to syndication!

Always tough to get started. Investors are hard to find

Fans of the above mentioned Law and Order franchise, fans of medical shows, fans of action dramas, and first responders

Based upon the originality of my concept, I don't think I have any

Me, see above Cover Sheet. I have attached to Digital Seven production company here in NYC

Briefly? With syndicated rights optioned after 5 years on the air (at the 100 episode mark) I and the investors will be collecting residual checks till the cows come home