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I have a slate of movies I am looking for 20% financing. I have secured the other 80% through debt financing.

1. GARRETT, PI, is a classic detective story in an alternate fantasy world with twists, turns, action, adventure, and laughs following the exploits of human private investigator Garrett, in the fantasy land of TunFaire, a melting pot of different races, cultures, and fantastical creatures. NEED - $18,750M / TOTAL COST $75M - Additional Information available upon requst.

2. SNOWBLIND is a character driven supernatural thriller following US Army Ranger SGT Sam Mulwrey in the aftermath of his family tragedy. A genre hybrid, SNOWBLIND begins a drama turning quickly to a survival struggle, until ultimately evolving into an anxiety stricken supernatural thriller. Most of all SNOWBLIND will keep audiences guessing what comes next until the very last scene.NEED $1.102MK - TOTAL COST $4,408M - Additional information upon reques

To fund entertainment projects Using a unique funding model that helps to minimize investor risk

I am raising funds for entertainment using a 20% investor 80% debt model. All projects submitted will have secured the 80% debt and investor funds secured in escrow.

Finding Finance for projects
Work with experienced producers in the entertainment industry.

Have several projects for funding

Entertainment industry is a challenging and exciting industry to invest in. I have a financial model that allows for investors to maximize returns and minimize risk.

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I have been in real estate, construction and business financing for over 20 years.

Putting together a revolving slate of films