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Emese Simon
Private Equity

What makes my idea unique is that it combines 3 different industries: Tourism, Arts, Commerce, therefore producing 3 income streams, by investing into only one of them, the other two automatically become available to profit from due to the competencies of the project creator. The project location is Hungary, Balaton region which is the top holiday destination in the country. This business model in its entirety is unique in the world. Through my research I have found places with some matching elements, but nothing that combined three different business streams together.

Boutique style bed and breakfast, intimate, max 20 rooms, where the entire decor can be purchased. Beautifully decorated with one of a kind handmade items, and some limited mass produced items. There is an art center where one week long art courses are given. These art courses are sold in holiday art retreat packages, that increase the revenue from the rooms by up to 10 times with a strategy whereby the bigger discounts we offer, the more revenue we make. (This is explained further in the business plan. ) Courses are offered in multiple mediums (painting, sculpting, pottery, woodworking ... and so on) Guest artists come on board to hold the classes. Participants get a chance to showcase their creations in our gallery, potentially becoming selling artists. Additional revenue streams come from organized excursions, dining, event hosting, recreational items rental.

It is a luxury bed and breakfast that also triples as an art retreat, and a showroom /art gallery with online shop.

This project was born out of the desire to combine my professional skills in various fields. Having lived an extremely creative life, I have acquired all the necessary experience to have it culminate in the creation of an establishment that is one of a kind in the world.

Travel is one of the hottest industries in Hungary. Special interest holidays are a steadily growing trend world wide. Artistic self expression is growing heavily due to Youtube videos. And in our age of cheap mass produced products, people are returning to the appreciation of unique decor items. By combining these three things into one package in a perfect puzzle, the result will be each area promoting the other, maximizing on profits, and ensuring steady cash flow.

-Currently in Hungary, most of the B&B's lack style, or artistic charm, with rooms decorated with mismatched items or the most general motel look. I want to offer a one of a kind atmosphere that will win over regular guests when it comes to deciding between us and another B&B of the same price range.
-There aren't any establishments that offer a multitude of art courses in such a quality setting anywhere in the region.

Our clients will be approximately 75% women over 35, and older couples, who enjoy activity-based holidays abroad, and enjoy doing arts and crafts. Target countries will be U.S. Canada and western European countries.

I do not have any competitors.
There are several art retreats throughout Europe, but not of them match up because:
1. they usually only offer one specific medium (mostly painting)- I will offer 6+
2. they only operate as an art retreat or as a B&B
3. they do not have a vast catalog of unique products to sell- I will be upselling guests as well as have online shop.
4. regular B&B's in the Balaton region don't have the stunning visual atmosphere that the guest will experience by staying in a designer showroom quality space.

Emese Simon: owner, CEO, project creator, product/interior designer, House Artist, organizing guest programs.
Zoltan Starcsevics: hotel management specialists, B&B operations
Judit Marjai: social media- youtube video blog creator, photographer, celebrity
Gery Spilak: PR
Andras Marton: chef
Additional staff: maids, kitchen wench, front desk/administrator
Teaching guest artists: Guest artists are recruited on a per/course basis. They will be English speaking artists from Hungary or other countries. They will be recruited from my vast network of talented people that I have built over the years.

The B&B would open within 3 years. In the first two years of opening we would focus on establishing our presence and fine-tuning operations.