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Footprint App, Inc. is a public benefit corporation seeking pre-seed investment of $100,000 as we develop our second iteration of our mobile application. We have successfully conducted a pilot with our web-based application and are now financing the development of a mobile application for use in schools, organizations, and companies. With a TAM of over 1 billion users at a value of over $100 billion dollars, we see an opportunity to reduce society's impact on climate change while building a profitable, scalable business. We have over 100,000 users signed up via our partnership program to use our app upon launch, guaranteeing a large use case upon development of our next product. We also have over 100 ambassadors signed up to promote our product and seek user agreements as well as partnerships. We are seeking investment of $100,000 which will be primarily used to oversee and finance a development team as well as cover operational costs.

We see Footprint used across the world as a tool for climate action. Footprint gives you the knowledge and power to reduce the rate of climate change, and we build a community that magnifies our impact through network effects. In our pilot, individuals reduced their carbon footprint by around 10% on average per year - if every American were to use this app and complete our challenges, this would avoid over 16 billion in social costs annually. We seek to go beyond borders and unify people across the world in the fight against climate change. I envision Footprint being used in schools as an educational tool to get children to understand their impact and compete against their classmates and other schools to minimize their impact. I see Footprint used in companies as an employee engagement tool to help companies meet their corporate social responsibility goals and reduce their consumption of energy and single-use products, ultimately saving them money as well as helping build a culture of sustainability. Most of all, I see Footprint used by individuals and activist organizations across the world who care about making an impact and want to find a simple way to unite in the climate challenge.

Footprint is the MyFitnessPal of sustainability, allowing individuals to take action to reduce their impact through completing our challenges and changing consumption patterns via purchases of sustainable goods and services in our marketplace.

I have a degree in chemical engineering with specializations in environmental engineering and alternative energy. This gives me a strong understanding of product lifecycles and carbon footprint calculations down to the chemical basis, as well as an understanding of the energy system and the carbon intensities associated with energy products. I have experience leading an international grassroots climate action network of over 3000 people within one of the largest energy companies in the world, and this helps me know how to effectively lead not only a team, but an entire movement focused on social good. I also have a master's degree in energy policy and climate, which helps me understand the regulatory challenges and political dynamics at play as we find ways to assign a carbon price. I'm currently heavily involved in the Houston innovation sphere as a committee member for Houston Exponential and a judge for Shell's Future of Energy Challenge, and I have a background in incubating start-up companies.
My co-founder is a business student with a successful track record in helping companies raise large amounts of capital via private equity and venture investment. He has also won a myriad of business case competitions for development of strong business models. Together, we are able to create a strong value case with a rich knowledge of the technical side of climate change.
We also have a development lead as well as a team of enthusiastic grassroots activists who are ready to help us build partnerships, find publicity, and lock in clients and users.

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Our current gap is in our developer's resources. Our developer is strong in web development as well as react native and is capable of developing the prototype we have, but a professional app build will require contracting an experienced company that develops complex applications. Our developer has the competencies to oversee a contracted team of developers and ensure a quality final product, and we are certain that an investment of $100,000 would cover the costs needed to deliver this product.

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See above for team description. We have a CEO (myself), a COO (Jerry), a development lead (Madeline), and our Director of Sustainability (Mizuki) who oversees our grassroots activists and interns. Meetings are held weekly to discuss key deliverables and next steps, with direction provided by the CEO. The team is focused strongly on collaboration and consensus in our vision, though when difficult decisions need to be made quickly, the role of the decision executive is given to the CEO.

See attached for 2 year plan. Within 5 years, we foresee achieving over 50 million users with over 5 million paid corporate and organizational subscriptions and a revenue of over 100 million per year, similar to that obtained by Virgin Pulse with the global corporate challenge for fitness. We can achieve this through our Footprint Ambassador program as well as through our expansive grassroots networks that reach over 125,000 people in the US alone. We also have access to corporate partnerships through our connections with UNLEASH, a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals innovation organization that reaches hundreds of corporate partners and has an audience of over a million followers. With the growth of the climate movement, our app has already had natural media attention from the Houston Chronicle, Austin Chronicle, and the University of Texas - and we will continue to speak out about the urgency to act and the solutions we have developed through news channels and grassroots networks globally, giving organic growth to our solution. All we need is a refined product and a budget for marketing to capitalize on and augment our organic momentum.