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Jerrad Hurley
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Our goal is to expand our current services by adding a recipient cattle program and more space for our current heifer and bull development program.

At J-D Performance Center we run a custom cattle feeding and bull development program.

After years of raising his own cattle, Jerrad has figured out how to maximize the genetic potential of cattle by meeting the nutritional requirements of the individual bovine. We also have a development center that was built with the cattle in mind to maximize their muscle and foot soundness.

We currently can hold 350 cattle in our facilities. We have successfully kept our pens pretty full the past two years and would like to add more pens for more cattle. We have had interest from our current customers in starting a recipient cow program and would like to meet the needs of our customers.

The fluctuating costs of feed can be hard to effectively plan for the year/ bull testing period. We do our best to secure our customers rates based off of the year prior and projected future feed costs. Weather can also be hinderance to anybody in the agriculture field and it is no different for us. We try our best to be sure cattle are bedded down appropriately in winter and also be sure they stay cool the summer. We also have a certified vet on -call to tend to the medical needs of the cattle.

Our target market would be cattleman who are looking to maximize their herds genetic capabilities with custom nutrition and sound data through ultrasound and semen testing.

Currently most of our competitors run an RFI (Residual Feed Intake) program. This allows them monitor the conversion rate of the individual cattle. This program allows approximately 1 bunk space per 8 head of cattle. At J-D Performance Center we allow 2 feet of bunk space per animal. This decreases the chances of the dominant cattle picking through the ration first and then the less dominant eating what is left. Our bunk space allotment also decreases animals stress as the cattle are not fighting for bunk space as much.

J-D Performance Center is founded by Jerrad Hurley. Jerrad is the sole manager for the operation and oversees all of the day to day activities. Jerrad has help from his wife to oversee most of the office needs.

In the next five years we would like to have a strong recipient cow program alongside our annual bull testing and heifer development. We would like to bring on a full time manager to take on the daily feeding and monitoring of the cattle so that Jerrad can focus more on the overall business management.