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Katerina Fomicheva
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My name is Ekaterina Fomicheva, and I’m a founder of Jerichons, LLC digital health Startup Company located in Ann Arbor, MI. My education background is based on a strong knowledge of molecular biology, human genetics, biochemistry, and physical chemistry. Second, I got a unique opportunity to learn human cardiac physiology including metabolic disease, insulin resistance, diabetic complications and obesity during my postdoctoral training at the University of Michigan. My personal interest in cardiovascular disease connected with the fact that many family members died or suffering from cardiovascular disease. My father was a brilliant physicist but could not survive the second heart attack. He always told me if you have a strong desire just do it. I started my company to create a product/software that is capable to prevent people to die from cardiovascular disease. I believe that our next step needs additional funding, and shouldn’t be taken for granted but we have a hope to bring something new and useful to the market.

Our vision is a new effective way of drugs/candidate selection that focuses on the prevention of heart disease so people can live better, healthier, and happier lives.

Our product is the software to provide assistance in conducting the patient-centered study for clinical trial providers and Insurance companies

Artificial Intelligence systems don't think exactly like humans, but the algorithms can—and do—play favorites. The main platform of the team is an excellent education and valuable skills in the biomedical field. We believe that it is crucial for product development to solve the current problem in the field of drug discovery-high spending of pharmaceutical companies with the low outcome of new drugs on the market. Particularly our competency in genomics AI and cardiac physiology will help to develop applications and tools to provide pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial providers with relevant information.

We are looking for several ways of distributing our product. First, is an addition to already to existing products or software for patients monitoring. We will use SaaS pricing model or subscription, depending on the number of people using the service with several revenues options. Second, is a cloud-based software distribution approach when the software runs at a hosting provider or in the cloud service with the monthly payment and data storage.

A study published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has found that only 13.8% of drugs successfully pass clinical trials. Furthermore, a company can expect to pay between $161 million to $2 billion for any drug to complete the entire clinical trial process and get FDA approval. To fix a crucial process of the whole industrial drug discovery business means to increase the proportion of success for a new drug in the Phase I trials (which is less than 10% and not changed by decades) with a new effective way of candidate selection. Jerichons is offering cost-saving tools to recognize and maximize individual responses to a drug by simple and affordable methods. Once the patient-oriented response is defined, our software will help validate future patient’s responses with the prognostic algorithm.

Serviceable obtainable market (SOM) is Artificial Intelligence market with 4 segments (Drug Discovery, Medical Diagnosis, Biotechnology, and Patient Monitoring) (was valued at USD 902.1 million is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 21.1% during the forecast period (2019-2024).

There are two types of competitors on the market. First, are giant companies as GNC or IBM Watson or Google (Verily) have an alliance with several pharmaceutical companies to create AI in the field of drugs discovery. Second is a partnership between startup and pharmaceutical companies like Bayer or Novartis to develop a future product. There is a high dynamic of formation and decay that means that the landscape is changing every day. We believe that the strong biomedicine core of the company and focus on individual patient's responses will help us to create a highly predictable algorithm, and better data analysis.

The team has a clear distribution of functions where the experience of one complements the skills of the other.
Katerina Fomicheva, CEO and founder. She has a degree in genetics with extensive training in cardiac physiology. Katerina has excellent social quality and easily teaming with people from totally different areas of business or science. She is responsible for the overall strategy and making business decisions.
Valeriy Svistunov is a software developer. He has 10 years of experience in programming of numerous projects in telemedicine including the architecture of client relationship management system and big data analysis.
Boris Simkhovich, MD, Ph.D. is a molecular cardiologist with 30 years of unique experience in drug discovery and several models of studying heart disease.
Anna Sheyidina has 15 years of experience in NGS and genome analysis. She has degrees in physics and a doctoral degree in the genetics of thrombosis.

We have a plan for the continuation of clinical research and software and buisness development.
2020-2022 Biobanking of patients with CAD and control
2020-2022 NGS and data analysis
2020-2022 characteristics of patients’ pharma panel drug’s response
2020-2023 Software development: medical services, a platform for the exchange of information, a platform for the secure storage of information, a platform for processing information.