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Joseph Dixon
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Collaborate Games company created and designed the POLF Game. The name "PO-LF" combines the strategy and skills sets of both POol (billiards) and goLF. MBE/Veteran Owned

Manufactur retail game for homes that trends into local schools, parks and becomes one of the many new generation sports/games of century.

The POLF Game is a limited space new generation Putt Putt Pool game

No competitors that manufacture a functional space contained putt putt golf table, capable and durable enough to withstanding any thing between local adult bars to children centers and camps.

The market is wide open, the golf industry is struggling to maintain attendance and space. The putt putt golf bumper tables are not golf, but it is something new, which not only has it's initial competitive appeal, but there are so many options and versions of game to release in growth.

The current problem is limited capital, but with adequate investor capital the revenue growth potential has tremendous up-side.

Families, youth and golfers. Beer Gardens. Youth Clubs, Local Bars, Local Parks and Schools.
Wheel Chair disabled players w/ modified putters.

The putt putt golf game (POLF) is currently a one of a kind patent granted and designed table game table and has no true market competitors.

Joseph Dixon is the founder of Collaborate Games (MBE) and the inventor of the POLF Game. Joseph, is a US Army veteran, that currently resides in Oakland, California, with wife Sandra Silbereisen-Dixon. As an avid lover of golf and billiards, Collaborate Games/Polf Game was derived to allow golfers and non-golfers alike to enjoy a interactive and competitive yet friendly and simple game. Collaborate Games is currently a one man/team show - dedicating and contracting services as needed.

Collaborative Games has the potential to build local warehouse to ship products to retailers. License designs to schools and local parks to build into infrastructure, potentially creating more local jobs.